Simple & Healthy Pancakes: Banana, eggs, and some cinnamon!

*Perfect for Paleo & Gluten-free eaters!

Haven't you always wanted to whip up a quick pancake breakfast? Or dessert? Well it's actually really simple. Just use a banana, 2 eggs, and some cinnamon!



1 large ripe banana

2 free range eggs

A bit of cinnamon



1) Peel the banana and crack the eggs into a bowl. Mix and mash them together with a fork or utensil of your choice, it's super easy!

2) Add however much cinnamon you want.

3) Grease your pan with grass-fed butter & heat the stove to low or medium.

4) Now pour your preferred amount of pancake mix into the pan and let it cook on both sides. If you can't hold back and must have more of these delicious treats, double this recipe!

5) You can top off your pancakes with your favorite fruit, some raw honey, or whatever your heart desires!


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